Owlkeyme Arts

The Work of Laura Tempest Zakroff


Welcome to Owlkeyme Arts - the work of Seattle-based artist and designer Laura Tempest Zakroff. Laura's work blends traditional and modern media with an aesthetic that spans numerous cultures and centuries, defying labels and boxes. The precise hand of intaglio application and chiaroscuro drawing mixes with digital layers and rich embellishment to create otherworldly art. She is inspired by myth and mystery, extreme detail and dreams, mixing the macabre with fantasy and wonder.

Laura holds a BFA  in Printmaking from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and she received numerous awards during her training at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and the Fleisher Art Memorial of Philadelphia. The name "Owlkeyme" comes from a penchant for both owls and occult pursuits, and reflects the many varieties of media that Laura works in.
(Say the name "Owlkeyme" aloud, it will make more sense.)

November News!
You can now order the 2017 Calendar! We just received the 2017 calendar and it's gorgeous! Pre-orders have begun shipping as of 11/28! Thanks to PrintingCenterUSA for doing such a great job!

Special Solstice Offering!  Check out the new Yule Goat painting!

Other NEWS!
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