Owlkeyme Arts

The Art of Laura Tempest Zakroff


Please note: A large selection of the artwork featured on this website is available in print format.
Because of the immense number of images available, it's best to contact us with the names of the pieces you are interested in, and what sizes, and we'll be happy to make a special invoice for you.

Prints on Paper: giclee and offset prints come signed, sleeved, back with matboard.  Many of the black/white ink and spellcraft series work are available as 8x10, the Witch Heart series in 11x14 and 11x17, Iconomage groups (4 to a sheet, 5 kinds total) are 11x17, etc. Some even larger prints are available by special order. See Witch Essence series below. Prints on paper typically range from $25-$65.00

Prints on Wood:

These ready-to-hang prints are beautiful hand-embellished giclee prints that are mounted on wood by the artist and signed.

 - "Altar" size is approximately 10" long on reclaimed wood (cedar): $25 + shipping

(Iconomage series - single figure images are best)


- "Shrine" size is approximately 18" long on reclaimed wood (cedar or pine): $50 + shipping

- "Temple" size 2' are 24" x 5.5", for Odin and Freya prints only (on pine or poplar), $135 + shipping


- "Temple size" 3' are 36" x 5.5", for the 20 designs available in the Iconomage series (mounted on pine). $150 each + shipping.

(11x17 Iconomage grouping #2)


The Witch Essence Series - the first 4 pieces in this series are available as two kinds of signed prints:

11x14 offset prints
11x14 sheet with text, image area slightly smaller:
$35 each(+ $7 shipping) or the set of 4 for $125 (+$12 shipping)

16x20 giclee prints
NO text, image area is 16x20 PLUS additional .5" white border:
$60 each (+ $7 shipping) or set of 4 for $200 (+$12 shipping)

Shipping info:
US domestic shipping for either size is $7 for one print, or $12 for the set of 4.  11x14 prints are shipped FLAT, bagged with foamcore backing. 16x20 prints are shipped ROLLED in a heavy tube. If you wish to order multiple prints, or are international, please contact me first, and I will send you an invoice for the correct shipping. Thanks!

Size, Single or Group


"Mother Matrix" as a 11"x17" poster!  We are offering this image in the following two beautiful options:

1) Open Edition - 11x17" on medium-weight (100lb), hot-pressed archival paper via offset lithography - signed by the artist.  $35 + shipping (shipped flat in a protective sleeve + backing, priority mail*)

2) The Collector's Edition - 11"x17" on heavyweight, hot-pressed archival paper via offset lithography, limited edition of only 21 prints - each signed, numbered, and hand-embellished by the artist.  $50 + shipping (shipped flat in a protective sleeve + backing, priority mail*) - SOLD OUT

*Please note that pricing is set for US DOMESTIC SHIPPING ONLY.   To ship overseas, please contact us with your location and payment address, and we will invoice you.  Watermark does not appear on actual print.